Be it the traditional SAN Storage, NAS storage, need for file storage or block storage or the need is for the object store or archive storage, our storage architects provide you with the right solution for your enterprise. Our design and implementation teams assess your need, design the solution for your on-premise or cloud environments and deploys the appropriate solution.


StorIT’s Assessment Methodology provides our clients an operational, strategic and tactical overview of their current enterprise storage environment. It will help clients to better understand their current storage practices and infrastructure, compare their storage model to best practices, and prioritize their future data storage needs. It guides the clients from the establishment of their storage objectives through the details necessary to document the actual SAN architecture and components, to an analysis of the Return on Information Management (ROIM), delivering the financial justification needed for the investment.


There are a number of considerations that drive the design of an ideal storage architecture and that affect the initial selection of components and their deployment such as application requirements, protocol support, number of devices, accommodation of legacy devices, traffic volumes, departmental segmentation, redundancy, disaster recovery etc. StorIT’s Storage Architecture Design for a client is evolved from the stated goals relating to present activity and business growth and the client’s existing components that can be integrated to optimize information access, safety and business continuity while ensuring highest ROIM.


StorIT’ s internal expertise and experiences in successfully integrating and implementing complex multi-vendor storage solutions for diverse clients comes into play in the critical Solution Implementation and Deployment phase of each project.Our in-depth insights into the multifarious interoperability issues of each component of the system contributes to an on-time and hassle-free implementation, especially as we work in tandem with our Channel Partners, Technology Partners, External Experts and the Client’s internal Technology Teams.


StorIT recognizes that a successful storage solution deployment depends on the skill set and knowledge of technical resources. Most failed projects are a result of improper training and lack of ongoing support. Our E&T Services goal is to empower customers with the knowledge required to be successful on their own.StorIT has developed its education and training programs by licensing the best info products in the market and augmenting the material with information we believe is necessary to successfully establish and manage a storage management solution.Our curriculum spans the spectrum from storage management basics to actual hands-on practice creating the SAN environment, establishing the switched fabric and working with the software for management and zoning requirements. All of this takes place at the client site or in our lab, if necessary.

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