With the vast experience StorIT has in Data Storage and Data Protection domains, our engineers excel in managing the database ecosystems. Our engineer’s design database-centric solutions to meet the high availability and disaster recovery needs of our customers for relational, non-relational environments i.e. NoSQL and BigData. Our DBaaS offering facilitates the customers to seamlessly provision, de-provision, upgrade, migrate and patch the databases at the click of a button while adhering to the change management, asset management, and security framework policies.

Relational databases

  • Oracle, MS-Sql, Hana
    • Database management
      • HA solutions
      • DR solutions
      • Clustering solutions
    • Database upgrades
      • Inplace
      • Out of place upgrades
      • Zero downtime upgrades
    • Database migrations
      • Cross platform migrations
      • Hardware refresh
      • Datacenter migrations
    • Database solution design and Implementation

Non-relational databases

  • MongoDB, DynamoDB, CosmosDB
    • Solution engineering for applications not scalable using relational databases
    • System HA & DR solution design
    • Complete system management

For any support related queries, please contact us on support@storit.ae