Enterprises looking for disaster recovery and data protection solutions are realizing the excessive cost of redundant hardware, software and solution management. While most of the traditional solutions require dedicated hardware, they still fail to meet the RTOs and RPOs when disaster hits. Our engineers are uniquely positioned to design solutions that are efficient, scalable and seamlessly provide the on-demand DR and backup services on both on-prem and cloud environments. Our engineers are well trained and certified by top vendors and carry a wide knowledge of industry standards to deliver customized solutions to our customers.


With a number of public and private cloud service providers offering reliable, scalable and affordable storage, organizations are realizing the benefits of offloading backup management. BKPaaS reduces the overhead of designing, managing and maintaining backup infrastructure. Our engineers can design and deliver the backup solutions that meet the stringent of the RTOs and RPOs on the industry-leading data platforms. Our engineers collaborate with the customer to define the retention policies and recommend the right storage tier for the backups, eliminating the need for expensive storage.


IaaS and PaaS offerings by most cloud service providers have enabled the companies to revisit the TCO of DR infrastructure. The prohibitive cost of DR infrastructure and the overhead of maintaining a reliable DR environment has forced companies to opt for DRaaS. While the IaaS and PaaS platforms simplify the deployment of servers and services, application availability on demand requires orchestration of provision, restore of backups and recover. StorIT’s DevOps framework provides the required framework to meet the needs of our customers to cut the costs of expensive DR infrastructure.

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